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  1. Jaclyn

    My husband and I use to have this delicious recipe for pulled pork that was made in a crock pot. It was so easy to make and so tasty!...but the last few times it just hasn't turned out the same.
    Do you have a recipe for pulled pork? Or perhaps a really good BBQ sauce? Thanks!

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  3. Rebecca

    Thanks for the request Jaclyn. And my husband thanks you too since this is what I tested in my kitchen this week!!

    You needed a pulled pork recipe with a really good BBQ sauce ...
    I've got you covered!’t-want-to-fire-up-the-grill/

  4. Cindy

    Ok, I have the pork, the beans, and the cornbread. All that's missing is a coleslaw recipe!

  5. Rebecca
  6. Valentina

    Ok, here it goes. It's a buffet brunch and everyone is bringing something. We have all the cocktails covered and I need a good brunch recipe that is less breakfast and more lunch. Any thoughts??????
    BTW this website gets better and better each time I check it 🙂

  7. Rebecca

    Thanks for the compliment! I've got a super easy and super delicious antipasto recipe for you. I'm also going to post a quiche recipe just in case though this weekend that is also easy and to-die for. Blows the store-bought quiche out of the water.

    You need a brunch appetizer that's more lunch than breakfast ... I've got you covered!

  8. Brad

    I love soup. I don't care if it's 100 degrees outside, there is something about being able to eat a whole meal with one utensil. Do you have a hearty soup recipe that can be a meal on its own? I generally like ones with meat, pasta, and vegetables all thrown in.

  9. Rebecca

    Hey there Brad - I'm a summer soup eater too. Glad to know I'm not the only one! Here's a great soup recipe, that's healthy and can be made quickly.

    And definitely check back come Fall. I'll have a lot more soup recipes!

    You wanted a summer soup ... I've got you covered!

  10. Heather

    Hi Rebecca!

    I'm looking for a new way to cook lamb. I typically grill the lamb chops, but would like another idea for variety. Thank you.


  11. Osconforiz


    Do you have receipes for cookies, cakes, etc.... Sugar Free ??


  12. Rebecca

    Sure! Are you looking for no sweetners at all? Or are natural sweetners like honey and agave nectar ok?

  13. Colleen

    Hi Rebecca!

    The site looks great 🙂 Do you have any recipes for Steak? I don't have a grill so it would have to be something I could do on the stove or oven. And no veggies, i have a picky eater on my hands. Thanks!

  14. Rebecca

    Thanks Colleen! Now that the Fall is here, I'll be making more beef recipes, so stay tuned. But in the meantime, you can check out this moroccan-inspired beef stew recipe and my recipe for homemade meatballs . I'll go through my cookbooks tonight and plan some more beef dishes in the coming weeks. Enjoy!

  15. Angela

    With it finally starting to feel like fall in Texas, I'm looking for some yummy fall-flavored recipes, maybe with some pumpkin flavoring. Any suggestions?

  16. Rebecca

    I have the same craving Angela! Here's my pumpkin bread recipe to get you started. And then I'm testing a few new recipes this week that I'm hoping will approved! Stay tuned ...

  17. Allyson Gierke

    I'm looking for a casserole recipe that contains brussle sprouts, broccoli, asperagus, maybe some water chestnusts, leeks, small potatoes, red peppers and this all smothered in a cheesy sauce that ends up with a nice, crusty top.I had it somewhere and it was spectacular. It probably could contain any number of veggies. I don't want to use a soup as a base.

  18. Rhonda Plotts

    Looking for a grape salad recipe, can you help?

  19. Ellen

    Hi Rebecca,
    I am so bored with grilled chicken, yet I feel like I need to have it in the summer at least once a week. Do you have a really great recipe that doesn't involve Italian dressing in the marinade and leaves the chicken super-moist?

  20. Rebecca

    I've got two Ellen! The first is a little richer than grilled chicken, but it's AMAZING. It's my panko-crusted chicken with mustard-maple sauce recipe. And it's to die for! The chicken comes out so moist and the saw makes your mouth water.

    The second, if you're looking for something a bit healthier, is my mediterranean chicken recipe. This one is as easy as simply marinating in italian dressing, but gives you new flavor, and when topped with the healthy cucumber yogurt sauce, really makes you feel like you're getting a special treat.


  21. Sheena

    I lost a good recipe of spaeztle. I make a batter and drop it a few spoonsful into a collander. I just leave it there and it drops about 3 inches before it goes into a pot of boiling water. I do not have to push the batter nor do I use spazetle maker. Do you have a recipe like that?

  22. Rebecca

    Hi Sheena - My family makes a very similar noodle to spaeztle when cooking Hungarian Chicken Paprikash. I don't have a recipe that uses any measurement - it's one of those recipes that you just "feel" - but I'll do my best to try and walk you through it ...

    The batter is simply flour, an egg, and water. Start with maybe a cup of flour, crack an egg in it, and add a few tablespoons of water. Mix it with a fork. You're looking for a consistency that's sticky and stretchy, but not dry. If it feels really thick - like bread dough, add more water (a little at a time). If if feels runny, add more flour - a little at a time. The good thing is you can test it before making a big batch.

    First get a pot of water boiling. Then take a teaspoon and grab a little bit of the dough on the tip of the spoon - less than half way up the spoon. Drop the tip of the spoon into the boiling water and the dumpling should fall off. (Bang the side of the pan if need be.) Wait a few seconds and see what happens to the dumpling. If it completely breaks apart, you need more flour. If it stays in tact, and rises to the surface, you're good to go!

    Proceed with dropping in the rest of the batter, one tiny bit at a time, and cook for about 10-15 minutes. You know they're done when you cut into one and don't see a big dry center. Good luck!

  23. Ruben

    Mmm, brunch reipce.Eggs Mille FeuilleServes 4You will need: * 2 sprigs of asparagus * 20ml mint sauce * 3 oxo cubes * 2 eggsInstructions: 1. sift the sprigs of asparagus 2. simmer the sprigs of asparagus gently for 20 minutes 3. add the sprigs of asparagus to the saucepan 4. mix the sprigs of asparagus in 5. whisk the eggs 6. sprinkle the eggs over the top 7. saute9 the mint sauce 8. toast the oxo cubes 9. throw it all away

  24. Helen

    I have a wine tasting and dinner every year for around 30 friends. Because i need to make the entree in advance, I always have something in the casserole family like lasagne, shrimp feta etc.
    I'd love suggestions for something different that can be made in advance.

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