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  • Why does the tin foil stick to the top of my lasagna?
  • What's the cheapest way to feed a party of 18?
  • What do I do with this giant bag of frozen shrimp I just bought?
  • What temperature do you cook ribs?

Ask away and I'll post the answers right here on the site. 



  1. Brad

    I saw your latest recipe for artichoke dip which reminded me that my wife wants to attempt to use a fresh artichoke for a change. We've never attempted to prepare one and it looks intimidating. Maybe you can help us with a video tip on how to cut/clean/prepare an artichoke?

  2. Queen Bella

    Hi everyone!!

    I ` d like to have a pic nic lunch this Saturday, any suggestions for the menu???

    Thanks 🙂

  3. Rebecca

    Absolutely! I'm assuming you'll want to easily transport everything, so I'm going to recommend things that aren't cooked or needed to be kept hot. So for appetizers, try these antipasto rounds or this caribbean shrimp recipe. Both are great for sharing with family and friends, and can be eaten/served right out of the storage containers.

    Then for the main course, try this broccoli salad with bacon and sunflower seeds (I'll be serving it at my picnic this weekend too!) paired with my awesome pulled pork recipe (includes homemade sweet and tangy bbq sauce!).

    And finally for dessert, I'm recommending this rum cake. It's always a huge hit when I serve it, it's so easy to transport, and it doesn't require any extra attention to serve or store while you're eating the other courses.

    Have a great picnic and let me know what you serve! I'm always looking for new recipes to try.


  4. Guess Who

    Dear "What To Cook When" Lady
    My husband and I are Iowa eat corn fed beef and pork " til you Pop" people. For breakfast we split half a pig and 2 dozen eggs. We don't eat the samon-ella eggs cause my husband doesn't like fish.
    Here's our question. Our "Yuppie. Eco friendly, be kind to mother nature" son and his lovely gourmet (I refuse to use ground sirloin supplemented with lard-laced fat back) wife will be visiting us soon. She is always whipping up some gourmet meal with unusual and unheard of herbs and spices . What do I feed these Texas folks? My husband says "how's about a nice crepe filled with sausage, bacon, cheese, potatoes and "free range chicken" (I thought about raising my own chickens but I know he will only BBQ them) Maybe they will want to bring their own but I say keep the FOUL FOWLS in Texas. What do you say "What To Cook When " lady. Have ya got me covered?

    PS Really, what would you like to have when you're here?

  5. TalkingThirty

    What are some impressive one-dish meals that freeze well?

  6. Jackie

    During the summer we have a weekly boating picnic with another couple. We try to keep it simple and easy to pack and serve, but we also want to eat something that's yummy and refreshing, since our evenings are quite warm, even hot sometimes (Texas). We start by taking the boat to a nice swimming spot, anchor it, swim for awhile, then shortly before sunset we climb in the boat and eat, and relax and drink some wine while the sun goes down. This is the fourth year we've been doing this and I need some fresh suggestions please! My imagination for our "boatnics" has dried up!! Thanks,

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