You Want to Institute Margarita Mondays

April 19, 2010 by

It's been a tough week.

Fire to put out here ... drama to minimize there ...

And it's only Monday! What was up with the universe today?

But now you're heading home to unwind.

You picture sitting out on the patio, enjoying the quiet of the evening ... happy and content as you sip on a cold fresh margarita.

You pull into the store to pick up a few fresh limes.  That's right -- you've made the call.  It's officially Margarita Monday!

Now you just need the perfect dinner to go with it.  Something that will pair nicely with the margaritas, and that will also minimize the damage should you decide to have more than one. 🙂

Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas

Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas

The sour cream chicken enchilada was the first Tex Mex recipe I mastered after moving to Texas.  And it's still one of my all-time favorites.

You can adjust the spiciness by putting in more or less jalapenos, you can speed up the cooking time by using a rotisserie chicken from the store, or yes, even canned chicken.

So the next time your week starts off rough and you want to institute Margarita Mondays, get ready for a festive Tex Mex meal from home.  You have the perfect recipe for sour cream chicken enchiladas that will go perfectly with your tasty beverage.

Until our next meal,


P.S. Don't go by the picture ... it simply doesn't do it justice!