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I'm your host, Rebecca Matter, and I'm armed with the perfect recipe for any situation.

There comes a time when your standby recipes just won't do.  And the thought of browsing thousands of recipes in a huge online database leaves you feeling overwhelmed.  

WhatToCookWhen.com is your answer.

Whether you prefer to browse my personal collection, or ask me for a specific recommendation, I guarantee you'll find the recipe you need.

You're in the right place if ...

  • You want some ideas on what to cook this week.
  • You have an event coming up, and need the perfect recipe.
  • You're tired of your old standbys and are looking for a new way to cook chicken.
  • You get overwhelmed reviewing 1000's of recipes on other recipe websites, having no idea if they're really any good.
  • You're having your date over for dinner for the first time, and you're nervous about cooking in front of him/her.
  • You want to know what to do with that 5 pound bag of frozen shrimp you bought because it was on sale.
  • Your in-laws are coming and you need an idea for breakfast that can be made the night before, because the thought of getting up and timing the eggs, bacon and toast is pushing you over the edge.

You get the idea! 

You're in the wrong place if ...

  • You want a fancy recipe for chateaubriand. 

The reason?

I would never cook it.  If for some reason I somehow thought I wanted it, I would go to a restaurant and order it.

There are just some things you shouldn't cook at home.

Chateaubriand is one of them.  Also, liver and onions.

(Sorry mom, but along with tasting bad it makes the entire house stink!)

What you can expect to find on the website ...

When you come to WhatToCookWhen.com, you'll find recipes that I've personally tried, adjusted if necessary and tried again, and when deemed perfect, added to my own personal cookbook that I've been building since I first picked up cooking about 10 years ago.

The recipes don't take too much effort, and will be enjoyed by both experienced and novice cooks. 

If a recipe requires you to do something that isn't basic, I'll be sure and explain how it's done.  I'll note if something is super easy or a little more difficult, and I'll even give you tips for how to make it even easier if desired.

In addition, none of the recipes will require you to spend a lot of money on expensive ingredients you'll never use again in another recipe. If I have you buy an odd ingredient, I'll try and tag it so that you can easily find other recipes using that same ingredient.

And if worse comes to worse, just ask me about it, and I'll give you some more recipes!

Who I am ...

In case you couldn't guess, I love to cook.  I love to eat.  And I love feeding people.

I tend to cook on the healthy side, and often alter recipes to lighten them up a tad. 

But I believe in being well rounded too.  I love a good burger, any kind of cheese, and almost any unhealthy appetizer you can think of.  So you'll see a few not-so-healthy recipes thrown in from time to time for good measure.

Join me for a meal ...

Get ready for some flavorful recipes, and some unforgettable meals.  We're going to have a good time at the table.  And you are welcome to help out in the kitchen!

If you have a recipe you'd like me to try, or have some feedback on one of mine, I invite you to share it with me.  Feel free to post a comment anywhere on the site for me. 

You can also submit your questions to my weekly "Your Questions Answered" feature, or request a "How to Tip" by filling out the form on those pages.

And with that, welcome again to WhatToCookWhen.com.

When you need the perfect recipe, I've got you covered.

Until our next meal,