You Have Leftover Watermelon

July 26, 2010 by

You just couldn't resist ...

It's so hot outside. And the watermelon looked soooo good.

Plus it was only $3.99 for an entire one!

But the weekend is over, and the novelty of eating watermelon on the patio has come and gone.

It breaks your heart to think of wasting over half of the thing. Even if it was cheap!

Well waste not my deal-loving friend! I have a few watermelon recipes for you today ...

First up, beverages ... 🙂

I found these watermelon cocktail ideas in the July/August 2010 issue of Food Network Magazine and found them quite refreshing! We're talking watermelon cap cods, frozen watermlon margaritas, and watermelon mojitos.

Next up, a salad ...

While this refreshing watermelon salad may sound odd at first, you'll be pleasantly surprised at how much you enjoy it in the end.  It combines interesting flavors, and looks beautiful on the plate.  So along with using up leftover watermelon, it's the perfect salad for dinner parties where you want something a little "different."

And finally, a recipe a little "out there" for a change in case you're feeling daring...

I haven't tried it myself yet, so I'm hesitant to post it, but i just couldn't resist.  The recipe is for a spicy watermelon soup with crabmeat that I've been meaning to try.  So if you beat me to it, let me know how it is!

I'll post my own picture once I've made it - I only like to use my own so you know what to really expect from the recipes!

So the next time you have leftover watermelon and can't bear to throw it away, decide which course you want to tackle, and start dicing it up.  You have the perfect recipes to turn that leftover watermelon into something exciting.

Until our next meal,