You Find Salmon On Sale this Week

July 20, 2010 by

Gotta love those deals ...

You head to the grocery store after work to pick-up something for dinner.

As you browse the seafood case, the beautiful orange salmon calls to you.

You approach to get a closer look, and find it's your lucky day.

Wild Alaskan Salmon is on sale.

And that means you can save money AND feel good about your eco-sustainable purchase. 🙂

It also means that you get to check out this amazing baked honey and dijon salmon recipe!

Baked Honey and Dijon Salmon

The combination of honey and dijon mustard give this salmon a nice rich taste, and the baked breadcrumb topping serves as the perfect finish.  It's a wonderful way to turn a regular weeknight dinner into something special.

If you've been to before, you know I'm not a huge fan of salmon.  But I know that it's good for you, and my hubby loves it, so I'm always searching for the best recipes to enhance (i.e. mask) the salmon.

I'm telling you, even if you or someone you love is a self-proclaimed salmon hater, this recipe will be one they ask for again and again.

So the next time you find salmon on sale, take advantage of that special deal. You have the perfect recipe for baked honey and dijon salmon that even salmon haters will enjoy.

Until our next meal,