You Bought a Bottle of Wine that Is Just Too Sweet

July 5, 2010 by


That wine is sweeeeeeeetttt!

The guy at the store said it was the perfect wine for a hot summer afternoon.

But oh my - this is not what you were expecting.

I mean really ... did they add a cup of sugar before bottling it?!

There's no way you can drink it. Even some ice and seltzer won't help you get it down.

But you hate the thought of wasting the bottle.

So you need a recipe that will use it up.

Well boy do I have the recipe for you ...

It's a recipe that will turn that bad wine recommendation into something you'll really enjoy.

It's so flavorful and tastes rich, yet at the same time it's not heavy like you'd expect.

The recipe is for riesling chicken with mushrooms, and oh my, it's worth pulling out that other bottle of wine you bought but planned to save for a worthy dinner.

Riesling Chicken

Yep, this one is definitely worthy.

So the next time someone talks you into buying a bottle of wine that is just too sweet for your taste, set it aside and open something else.  You have the perfect meal for a riesling chicken with mushrooms that will turn that sweet wine into a wonderful meal.

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  1. Becky Masterman

    I have a suspicious bottle of rose on the counter. If it turns out to be too sweet do you think the recipe will work with rose?

  2. Rebecca

    In my experience, a true rose is not really all that sweet, as they're not like the White Zinfandels wine connoisseurs have learned to turn their noses up at for some time now. So just in case, I don't feel comfortable recommending you substitute the rose for a sweet wine like riesling in this recipe. Instead, I'd recommend turning it into sangria by adding a couple of fresh lemons, limes, a 1/4 cup of brandy, a 1/4 cup of sugar, and some sprite or orange pop to taste. :)

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