You’re Going to a 40th Birthday Party

June 30, 2010 by

Turning the big 4-o.

It's a milestone that demands a big celebration.

And whenever there's a big celebration, there's usually good food to go along with it.

You've been invited to help your friend ring in the new chapter of her life.

And since the party is at her house, you've decided to bring an appetizer to add to the celebratory menu.

You want to make something nice - I mean she only turns 40 once, right?!?

But you need to make something that transports easily, and requires little prep work once you're there.

Crab Salad

Go with this elegant crab salad.

A cross between a seafood and Waldorf salad, this cool and crisp recipe is perfect for an elegant party, as well as a hot day when you feel like making something special.

You can serve it up in a bowl with crackers, or drop a teaspoonful on sliced cucumbers for an extra-special presentation.

Either way, your friend and her guests will enjoy it.

So the next time you're going to a 40th birthday party, tell the birthday girl to plan for an extra appetizer.  You have the perfect crab salad recipe for making her special day even more special.

Until our next meal,


P.S. Happy 40th Heather! 🙂