You Want to Host the Memorial Day Barbeque this Year

May 26, 2010 by

The first picnic holiday is right around the corner ...

Food, fun, friends, and a 3-day weekend. What could be better than that?!

This year want to host the Memorial Day Barbeque. But there's just one catch ...

You don't want to spend all day in the hot sun, slaving away over an even hotter grill. You want to enjoy the party!

Now I love to host a good party. Feeding people is something that has been part of my DNA since birth.

But being Irish, I also love to be part of the party, rather than watching it from the kitchen. So when I'm hosting a big food event like a Memorial Day barbeque, I'm all about serving foods that can mainly be made before my guests even arrive.

That way I can kick back and enjoy the food, fun and friends like everyone else!

Last year my Memorial Day menu was a big hit. Luckily, I put together a mini cookbook so that this year would be a snap. And today, I'm passing that cookbook on to you.

So the next time you plan on hosting the Memorial Day barbeque, get ready to enjoy the party with your guests. You've got the perfect recipes for EASY party that can be pulled together before your guests even arrive.

Until our next meal,

Five Delicious Recipes for Your Memorial Day Festivities