How to Remove the Pit from an Avocado

November 25, 2009 by

Removing a pit from an avocado can be messy. Learn how to easily remove it so that the avocado stays in one piece, and your hands stay clean.

Once you learn how to easily remove the pit, check out my guacamole recipe. It goes perfect with margaritas!


  1. Linda

    Is it possible to use a small knife, or do you really need to use a machete? I would probably loose a finger or possibly a hand with that large knife. I know my husband would be looking for a bandage or tourniquet! Love your videos. Great job Rebecca.

  2. Rebecca

    I guess you COULD use a smaller knife, but then you don't get the shock value from your family and friends. :) Thanks Linda!

  3. Stephen

    For added safety I like to hold the avocado in a folded cloth or tea towel when I am about to use the knife to extract the pit.

  4. Rebecca

    Great tip Stephen!

  5. Brian

    Can I plant the Avocado Seed to grow Avocado's? Or was this how little Sidney came to be?

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