You’re Hosting the Memorial Day Festivities

May 26, 2009 by

The first picnic holiday of the summer is here!  Memorial Day Weekend ...

Three-day weekend ... sun and fun with friends ... laughs, memories, and of course ... good food! This year you're hosting the party.

You want a menu that people will rave about. Yet you want to enjoy the party with your guests.

Why should you be stuck in the kitchen or hovering over the hot grill!

Well, as promised, I've got you covered ....

In fact, I've created a handy cookbook just for you!

This collection features recipes that will allow you to make everything in advance, so that you can kick back and relax with your friends and family.  

So the next time you're hosting the picnic holiday party, get ready to chill. You have the perfect set of recipes. 

Until our next meal,


Five Delicious Recipes for Your Memorial Day Festivities